Our Philosophy

Optima Trading has a record of identifying and successfully exploiting investment opportunities in often overlooked equities, through our rigorous and extensive analysis of company and sector fundamentals.

Optima Trading aims to be always discerning in our reporting. Our focus is principally on proven companies that are neglected in sectors where we believe our analysis is distinguished. Our emphasis is on providing insights about these small and mid-cap, "under the radar" companies to clients globally.

We find that an approach of disciplined fundamental analysis while remaining attentive to market sentiment is the best philosophy to ensure index-beating performance.

Our focus on fundamental research is complemented by strict adherence to our conservative style and risk appetite of our clients.

When the markets are beset by gloom and despondency, we remain positive that prices will eventually reflect the longer-term viability of the underlying companies. When the market experiences unwarranted and inordinate enthusiasm, we become cautious of overvalued and rising stock prices.

We strongly believe that being diversified in our approach and rebalancing are the best ways to avoid being caught up in market volatility.

Our analysts take the necessary time to understand companies in addition to the people who drive them, to provide our clients with exhaustive and insightful reports of intrinsic value.


Optima Trading offers a full range of trade execution solutions providing innovative, results driven strategies for our buy and sell side clients. Our traders have ....
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Because Optima Trading is wholly independent, we are not tied to various investment products or providers; rather we focus on value and providing high quality service to our ....
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