Our Services

Optima Trading offers a full range of trade execution solutions providing innovative, results driven strategies for our buy and sell side clients. Our traders have the breadth of knowledge to understand our client's objectives and provide the bespoke service required in today's unpredictable and often volatile markets. Their focus is always on maintaining anonymity and the provision of paramount execution.

We always work closely with our clients to clearly define their expectations, and then devise a strategy for achieving them.

Optima Trading will work diligently and closely with you to address your financial needs by offering a wide variety of customized solutions tailored to help you accomplish these goals, regardless of your financial current situation with clarity and transparency.

The Portfolio Managers at Optima Trading believe that short-term speculation in risky financial vehicles like derivatives or futures serve no inherent economic function, but simply create profligate and disproportionate volatility in the marketplace.

All of our Portfolio Managers are dedicated to providing innovative and bespoke investment advice that is pertinent to each client. Our clients benefit from the flexibility which allows us to convey significant and pragmatic advice in pursuit of your financial objectives.


Because Optima Trading is wholly independent, we are not tied to various investment products or providers; rather we focus on value and providing high quality service to....
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Optima Trading has a record of identifying and successfully exploiting investment opportunities in often overlooked equities, through our rigorous and extensive analysis....
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